Monday, February 27, 2012

On the Rudest Awakening

I recently watched a TED talk by Scott Rickard, who deliberately set out to compose the ugliest piece of music possible. Using the properties of prime numbers, he was able to write music with absolutely no pattern or repetition. At the end of the talk, the piece was played on the piano. It is strange to listen to, because even the worst written and most horribly played piece of music still evokes some sort of reaction in your brain, even if it is a negative one. Rickard's piece evokes absolutely nothing. My brain did not even recognise it as music.

The following morning, I woke up to the loud raucous "Haaa... Haa! Haaaaaa... ... Haaaa" of a group of Hadedas on my neighbour's roof, and I realised that, without a doubt, if one were really looking to play the world's ugliest piece of music, one would not play it on a piano, but a group of Hadedas. Each cry has seemingly random timing, random length, random pitch, and most of the time, does not even fit into the chromatic scale we usually use for music.

Hadedas are truly unbeatable when it comes to unpleasant music.

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