Monday, August 12, 2013

On Video Game Programming - Part II: Page Ripping Champion 2013

Back in May, I announced my intention to develop a game. I spent some time messing around with 3D engines, and was pretty happy with my progress. But then life and work got in the way, and it all ground to a halt. However, I did find time to lurk in the back of the last couple of meetings of the South African game development community (which is actually far more active and talented than I'd imagined). Last month, they ran a competition, with an actual deadline that motivated me to actually do something. The only constraint was that the game could only use two inputs.

I bring you a video game. No, it is not 3D, and actually has absolutely nothing to do with what I'd said I'd do, but it is more or less complete, relatively bug-free, and actually surprisingly enjoyable to play, if only for five minutes. I present to you: Page Ripping Champion 2013!

The player controls a pair of hands using the F and J keys and tries to pull out all 250 pages in a book. Points are awarded for good technique and deducted for bad technique. If you use a single hand for too long, then that hand cramps. If neither hand is moving, then all bonuses are dropped. If this happens too often, then it's game over.

It was written in Python, using pygame for graphics, and PGU for the text. Graphics were very quickly thrown together in Inkscape. The game runs on both Linux and Windows. I hope you enjoy it.

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