Friday, March 14, 2014

On QuickCoords - A tool for quickly capturing coordinates across a series of images.

I needed an easy way to manually track the positions of features across a series of more than 600 photographs. Loading each individual photo and copying the coordinates of each point one at a time gets very tedious very fast, and none of the programs that I tried really seemed to support a rapid workflow.

That's why I wrote my own. QuickCoords v0.1beta is now available, either from Sylvermyst Technologies or from GitHub.

It's still in beta, so if you have any need for a program like this, try it out. The following features are fully functional:
  • Select a folder, and load images from that folder.
  • Quickly switch between images using a range of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Click anywhere in the image to get the coordinates of that point with sub-pixel accuracy.
  • Select and remove points individually, or in groups.
  • Shift points around if your initial click was a handful of pixels off.
  • Copy a list of points for pasting into most spreadsheet programs.
  • Export the points as a CSV file or plain text.

Any feedback is welcome, and if you encounter any major bugs, please report them (if they haven't been reported already).

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