On Some Other Stuff

There are millions of websites out there, and few of them offer much. Some of those that are definitely worth visiting are

  • Surviving the World - Daily Lessons in Science, Literature, Love and Life. The best photocomic I've ever read.
  • xkcd - A must read for anyone who enjoys maths or has any sense of humour.
  • The System - A comic made using the standard international signage elements.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Del - A comic about a pair of gamers. And Scott and his pet penguin, who don't show up nearly enough
  • Penny Arcade - The original "two gamers on a couch" webcomic.
  • Least I Could Do - Amusing story about an arrogant know-it-all that you can't help liking.
  • The Oatmeal - Random comics, usually about nothing useful. however, they are very well researched, and always entertaining.
  • Piled Higher & Deeper - The best insight into the life that anyone doing a higher degree through research inevitably gets stuck in.


Online Stores
  • Think Geek - Where I do my shirt shopping. They also have pretty much every cool gadget you could possibly want.
  • Sheldon Shirts - The sources of most of the T-shirts seen on the TV Series The Big Bang Theory. They also tell you where you can get other awesome stuff from the show, like the FlipFold Clothing Folding Board.

Web Forums
  • AWX - It's actually an anime and gaming store, but it's the forum that I frequent most often.
  • ScienceForums.net - Where I go when I need to feel stupid.

  • Google Chrome - Nice and uncluttered layout, integration with your Google account, fast, and a million times better than any Internet Explorer. If you already use Firefox, then it's mostly the same thing.
  • The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) - Best free image editing software out there. It can do everything any commercial package can, and needs almost no space to install.
  • Notepad++ - Like notepad on steroids, it's just a text editor, but has every feature you want as a coder, including filters for just about every known programming language known to man...

More Alphanumeric Sheep Pig

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